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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you

   We are an Electrical company registered with the  
 Electrical contracting board, our workmanship  
 is  guaranteed by the E.C.A.
Our company specializes in the following: 
 1. Issuing of Certificates of compliance (C.O.C) as stipulated 
    by the South African buro of standards S.A.N.S 10142.
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 2. Compliance to the electrical contracting association E.C.A).

 3. Ensuring domestic household compliance to code of conduct, 
    geyser bonding, double isolation of electrical 
    installations, earth fault detection devices etc.
 4. Circuit tracing and upgrading of distribution boards to 
    correct standards.

 5. Domestic and industrial installations 220 vac and 380 vac.

 6. Complex access control and gate automation.

 7. Electrical maintenance on domestic and 
    industrial structures.

 8. Electrified perimeter fencing.

10. Closed circuit camera systems incorporated into home pc or 
    dvr circuitry.
11. Factory maintenance on fmcc and industrial machinery with 
    plc control.

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